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Top Latina Musica SXSW


Hand-Picked Talent from

The US, Spain, México, and Central/South America

Austin, TX - March 6, 2012

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Conference and Festival is thrilled to

present many showcases and panels focused on Spanish and Latin American music. “World music” isn’t listened to

the same way it was 25 years ago. Today, the genre resonates more deeply within the modern, globalized listener.

Every March, SXSW plays host to the globally conscious music community with the best sounds from every corner

of the world.

Showcases include Juanes’ live performance at the Moody Theater at ACL Live. Tuesday’s ONErpm show at The

Whisky, Wednesday’s Billboard Latin show at Soho Lounge, the Casa Do Brasil show at Palm Door, and the

Volumen/Ache Producciones show at Buffalo Billiards. Thursday will be heavily drenched in great Latin talent as

well. That night NACO will present their show at the Flamingo Cantina, Sounds From Colombia will host an all

Colombian show, La Banda Elastica present at the Buca Lounge, and Mercadorama at Maggie Mae’s. On Friday,

Nacional Records will host the first ever SXSW showcase at Maggie Mae’s featuring six of their artists and some

friends, the Flamingo Cantina will present a Latin infused night of reggae artists, while over at the Red Eyed Fly the

Sounds from Spain show will host their collective of six Spanish acts. Over at Friends the same night, Warp

Magazine will showcase their dance-crazed world acts. For a diverse two-day line-up be sure to catch The Pan

Americana Festival presented by Bellas Artes Alliance Friday and Saturday at the Emma S Barrientos Mexican

American Cultural Center. Then finishing up the night on Saturday is the alt-rock show presented by Intolerancia at

Bar 96 and the Latin Groove show at Sala De Espera in the Beale Street Tavern.

Below are all the interviews, films, panels, and showcases focused on Latin music for SXSW ’12 listed in detail:


SXSW Interview: Juanes

Friday, March 16th at Austin Convention Center

Room 18ABC, 12:30 PM- 1:30 PM

With five solo albums to his credit and multi-platinum sales of over 15 million albums, Juanes is the world’s leading

all-Spanish language rock artist. Named Latin Music’s “Star of The Decade” by Billboard, Juanes is both a

GRAMMY and 17-time LATIN GRAMMY winner who has garnered more Top-5 hits (17) on the “Latin Pop

Airplay” chart than any other artist since his chart bow in 2001. Juanes is also frequently recognized as one of the

Spanish-speaking world’s leading social media voices with an online following of over 7

½ million fans.

His firm belief that social change is possible through music is evident in his role as a global activist. His work

ranges from bringing peace and support to victims of violence with his own Mi Sangre Foundation and co-founding

Paz Sin Fronteras (Peace without Borders), which advocates the basic human right of peace for all across the globe.

Juanes joins us to discuss his global influence as both a musician and an advocate of peace.

Juanes, (Interviewer Dave Marsh)

SXSW Interview: Bomba Estereo

Saturday, March 17

th at Austin Convention Center

Room 16AB, 2:00 PM- 3:00 PM

Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Bomba Estereo throw dance parties for worldwide audiences with their selfdescribed

'psychedelic cumbia' sound. The band returns to Austin for a special SXSW Interview to discuss their

updated take on traditional Columbian musics, their creative process, and their captivating live shows. The interview

will be conducted by John Norris on Saturday, March 17 at the SXSW Music Conference in the Austin Convention


Enrique Egurrola, Simon Mejia, John Norris, Julian Salazar, Liliana Saumet, Enrique Jaime Egurrola Zuleta,

Federico Simon Mejia Ochoa, Julian Salazar Martinez, Liniana Margarita Saumet Avila


The Importance of Latin Presence in Music Festivals

Friday, March 16

th at Austin Convention Center

Room 17B, 2:00 PM- 3:00 PM

A number of US, Canadian and European acts have discovered festival touring opportunities in Latin America and

most, if not at all, are doubling or tripling their fan base. Programmers for those festivals are continuously

outbidding one another to confirm an artist, while in the US, festival programmers are simply opening a slot or two

to include an ethnic artist, often at the lowest fee for an act. What is the vision for the future of these festivals, and

where do the artists fit in?

Edoardo Chavarin, Paulo Andre Moraes, Fabrizio Oetto, Gerry Rosado, Carlos Verastegui

“Is There A Latin Alternative?”

Friday, March 16th at Austin Convention Center

Room 8BC, 3:30 PM- 4:30 PM

A Spanish-language band can gain instant access to the growing Hispanic audience and sponsors targeting that

demographic by marketing themselves as "Latin." But how limiting is being marketed as a "Latin" band — even

Latin alternative? Can bands and labels eliminate the need to "crossover" by avoiding the term altogether? With over

50 million people, Latinos make up the second largest ethnic group in the U.S. How does this number translate into

dollars when targeting this specific market? Is it beneficial to be marketed as a Latin artist in the U.S., or simply

marketed as an artist in your genre?

Judy Cantor-Navas, Tomas Cookman, Alejandro Franco, Bill Bragin, Chase Ortega, Andres Levin


Special Events: Casa De Mi Padre

- Will Ferrell plays a Mexican rancher who must defend his father's

home against the country's most infamous drug lord.

Cast: Will Ferrell, Gael García Vernal, Diego Luna, Genesis Rodriguez, Pedro Armendáriz Jr.

24 Beats/Minute: Amor Crónico

- Weaving footage of singer Cucu Diamantes’ Cuban tour into a fictional

love story. The result is an energetic display of her glamorous and infectious performance style and a fascinating

portrait of Cuba today.

Directed by Jorge Perugorria, Produced by Andres Levin and Sarah Green

La Camioneta

Los Chidos

Cubaton – El Medico Story


Vivan Las Antipodas


3 Genesis

Reinaldo Arenas

The Little team

Walt Disney Square


ACC Day Stage Performances:

Radionica Colombia

Wednesday, March 14

th at the Radio Day Stage, Austin Convention Center

Radionica present their 3 band showcase set to start at 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Providencia, Fransisca Valenzuela, Monsieur Perine

Torreblanca y Amigas

Thursday, March 15

th at Ballroom G Day Stage, Austin Convention Center

Torreblanca and friends will perform a special set at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Torreblanca, Natalia Lafourcade, Ximena Sariñana, Javiera Mena, Andrea Balency Trio

Quantic + Friends (Ft. Nydia Gongora & Members of Canalón De Timbiquí)

Friday, March 16

th at Ballroom G, Austin Convention Center

Quantic will perform during the day with guest artist Friday at 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Quantic ft Nydia Gongora , Chuck Ragan, Canalón De Timbiquí, Music Video Haters Club

Pan Americana Festival at MACC

Friday and Saturday, March 17th at MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center) 5:00 PM -11:00 PM

Free to the Public

The Pan Americana Festival at South by Southwest will host a weekend of FREE celebratory music and familyfriendly

fun. Building upon last year’s springboard event, Bellas Artes Alliance in collaboration with the ESBMACC

present two showcases featuring a variety of renowned artists from the Latino music world, including

Tejano, rock en español, conjunto, electronica, funk and pop. The festival brings together a multinational

convergence of Latino artistic talent shaping American culture and the U.S. marketplace.

Fri: Ricardo Castillon Y La, Grupo FAMA, Rio jordan, Alfredo Y Tortilla Factory, Paul Wall, La Calma

Sat: Nortec Collective:Hiporboreal, Charanga Cakewalk, Bang Data, Suenalo, Master Blast Sound System, Maneja


Nighttime Showcases: 8:00 PM – 2:00AM


Tuesday, March 13

th at The Whisky Room

The global digital music distributers ONErpm will present a Latin music showcase with genres ranging from soft

pop to heart-pounding dance. Always evolving, the multi-talented Mr. Bleat balances the catchy with the ethereal,

the poppy with the dark, the deep with the accessible. Candy, on the other hand, have their sound down tight: retro

rock of the post-punk persuasion. On the electronic side is Latin Grammy nominee DJ Mr. Pauer. Equiped with

dancehall and dub beats, Mr. Pauer tours through-out the US conquering one club at a time. He’s coined the genre

“Electropical” to describe the way his style favors heavy grooves and distinct tropical sounds.

Jotdog, Telebit, Candy, Mr. Pauer, Mr. Bleat, Il Abanico

Billboard Latin

Wednesday, March 14

th at Soho Lounge

The Billboard Latin Showcase at SXSW 2012 exemplifies the style-shifting nature of current Latin music. Grammynominated

art punk rockers La Vida Boheme join Mexican electro-pop duo Jotdog, Barcelona's euphoric rumba rock

group Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Colombian cumbia-pop rapper Duran, singer-songwriter and Latin rhythmatist

Javier Garcia, and Guadalajara’s Radaid, whose textured harmonies combine world folk and electronic music.

Duran, La Vida Boheme, Javiera Garcia, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Jotdog, Radaid

Casa Do Brasil

Wednesday, March 14

th at Maggie Mae’s

Recent years have shown a diversification of popular Brasilian music. SXSW 2012’s Casa Do Brasil showcase

samples different and emerging sounds for a night of great musical talent. Over on the singer-songwriter front we

have Tiago Iorc, Tiê and Agridoce. Tiago Iorc is lyrically inclined to story telling. His strong suit is the ability to

captivate an audience through shear lyrics and vocal melodies. The ability to bring in an audience is also apparent in

Tiê. Though she sings in Portuguese, there is something uniquely human about the way she expresses herself that

can make anyone resonate past the language barrier. Agridoce used to be known as Pitty and Martin’s “side project”.

An album later, we find this acoustic duo moving more towards a solid state. Songs are beautifully arranged with

passionate piano, glittering guitar, and vibrant vocals.

Some Community, Renato Goda, Tie, Tita Lima, Tiago Iorc, Agridoce

Volumen/ACHE Producciones

Wednesday, March 14

th at Buffalo Billiards

Volumen/Ache Producciones presents their boundary-crossing blend of alternative rock for a night of combined

cultures and musical talent. The night holds three acts from Mexico and three acts from the US. The three acts from

Mexico include: Andrea Balency Trio, Torreblanca and Enjambre. French-born Mexican-raised singer-songwriter

Andrea Balency brings to the table her unique diverse background into her composition. She adds European flavors

to her blend of traditional Latin folk, jazz and pop. Her sweet voice always soulfully accompanied by tight

instrumentation. Formed in 2007, Torreblanca’s style of pop/folk music arranged around the piano and lead vocals

has landed this group quite a bit of attention over in Mexico. Songs are carefully crafted and cooked to perfection.

Enjambre, one of the biggest rock bands from Mexico today, is a fun five-piece from Zacatecas. They serve catchy

guitar riffs and danceable drum lines with melodic vocals on top.

Andrea Balency Trio, Torreblanca, Sleepy Sun, Not In The Face!!, Enjambre, Night Beats

Music Has No Enemies/ CuCu Diamantes and Andres Levin

Wednesday, March 14

th at Speakeasy

Join Cucu Diamantes and Andres Levin with guest artists Lila Downs, Alex Cuba, CuCu Diamantes, Rob Garza and

Austin’s very own Maneja Beto.

Lila Downs, Maneja Beto, Alex Cuba, CuCu Diamantes, Rob Garza and Los Hanky Pankys


Thursday, March 15

th at Flamingo Cantina

What happens when you bring Cash/Dylan influences, a guitar, and an amazing live performance together into a

Mexicali solo act? Juan Cirerol. Most solo artists pride themselves in their ability to ‘tell a story’. Well, Juan’s style

goes beyond the story telling. He doesn’t simply sing about wild nights out, he gets one started right on stage! El

Paso based Zechs Marquise is an adaptive group of progressive rock veterans. Improvisation, for this band, is the

name of the game. Performances are built around putting the crowd into a deep psychedelic prog trance. Also

joining the stage are the punk-bent, roots-rock band Los Headaches, the down-right great rockers Bam Bam, and the

Mexico City buzz band Torreblanca.

Zechs Marquise, Il Abanico, Juan Cirerol, Los Headaches, Bam Bam, Torreblanca

Sounds From Colombia

Thursday, March 15

th at Speakeasy

Every year ‘Sounds from Colombia’ brings to your senses a handful of musicians who move and breathe the

exceptional Colombian spirit. Fly over to Cali’s club scene and we see people dancing to Quantic’s beats. His

eclectic style is a mixed concoction of sounds drawing from Latin jazz, salsa, cumbia and Colombian folk. Another

genre-crossing genius from the Colombian catalogue is Duran. Duran’s philosophy is as follows: fuse new wave

cumbia with electronic dance music to bring out the groove-induced sweat of his many fans. Last but not least we

have the 10-piece Bambarabanda who, since their inception back in 2007, have garnered a large fan base via

energetic performances and genre-blends. Bambaraband’s use of e-flat saxophones and clarinets only add to this

unique band’s unique reggae/ska sound.

Planes, Monsier Perine, Canalon De Timbiqui, Quantic, Duran, Bambarabanda

La Banda Elastica/ The Latin Recording Academy

Thursday, March 15

th at Buca Lounge

On the bill is Natalia Lafourcade; the multinstrumentalist singer-songwriter who’s calm in essence, strong in

delivery and presence. A multifaceted approach she’s learn to execute with 100 percent accuracy. Chilean sensation

Francisca Valenzuela, creates a deep sea of profound meaning and spirit between the addictive hooks and sweet

melodies. Her custom-built pop is intelligently fashioned to get you dancing during choruses and thinking during

verses. Accompanying these songstresses is Andrea Balency who will perform along side Jerson Vazquez (member

of Torreblanca) and double-bass player Mike Sandoval; altogether, they’re known as “Andrea Balency Trio”.

Balency brings in graceful vocals, accordion, piano and various other influences to the group; while both Vazquez’s

honest, spot-on percussion, and Sandoval’s jazz compliment Balency in reciprocal bliss. Sharing the stage is Radaid:

an 8-piece arrangement with an intriguing sound consisting of fleeting vocals and a good vibe. All the while, Kali

Mutsa brings to our ears an exciting new mix of enchanting pyrenee gypsy and balkan sounds

Andrea Balency Trio, Radaid, Natalia Lafourcade, Francisca Valenzuela, Kali Mutsa, Mr. Bleat

Mercadorama / Caradura México

Thursday, March 15

th at Maggie Mae’s

Chilean House Music? Yup, that exists; and in vibrant quality. Alex Anwandter, former frontman of pop group

Odisea, will debut his solo electro-pop/house project here at SX. Get ready to shuffle on the 1 and 3, while you clap

on the 2 and 4; his songs leave a strong impression on you and make you want to party all night long. Fronting the

Mexican half of the show we have Hey Chica!, Joe Volume, and mega-rockers Enjambre. Sonically and

aesthetically, Enjambre sounds like a Latin take on the UK-indie rock sound. These guys play catchy hooks and

guitar riffs while Hey Chica! plays delayed guitars centered around female-fronted vocals, and Joe Volume’s

garage-punk ethos leads them to energetic live performances.

Alex Anwandter, Javiera Mena, Hey Chica!, Joe Volume, Enjambre, Astro

Nacional Records & Friends

Friday, March 16

th at Maggie Mae’s

The Chilean pop collective, Astro is a mixture of psychedelic bubblegum beats and addictive synth melodies (and

recent Nacional signees). San Francisco's Loquat’s beautiful vocals weave together intricate stories over sweet

instrumentation, label mates and two time Latin Grammy nominees and recent Grammy nominees, La Vida

Boheme’s crank out infectious dance rock that was created on the mean streets of Caracas. Rounding out the

Nacional roster on the showcase is Ritmo Machine: the collaborative endeavor from Cypress Hill’s percussionist

Eric Bobo and the ever funky, Latin Bitman. These two bring together the cool and the vibes, the juke and the jive.

70’s disco, hip hop, and timeless Latin grooves.

Ritmo Machine, Loquat, La Vida Boheme, Astro, Monsieur Perine, 3BallMTY

ACL Live: BMI Presents Juanes at ACL Live

Friday, March 16

th at The Moody Theater

Come join Juanes as he performs for ACL Live along with War On Drugs, Magnetic Fields and Bomba Estereo.

Presented by BMI

Juanes, War On Drugs, Magnetic Fields, Bomba Estereo

Sounds From Spain

Friday, March 16

th at Red Eyed Fly

The Sounds of Spain showcase has firmly established itself as a must for music lovers. Known for consistently

delivering the best of trending and well-known Spanish artists, this March is no exception. The 2012 line-up features

the jazz avant-gardist Za!, the alternative rock band from Mallorca L.A., the psychedelic pop outfit Bigott, and

Guadalupe Plata who are returning for yet another successful year here in Austin. All of these acts will be sharing a

stage with Quique Gonzalez. Gonzalez has many stories to tell. From his fall out with Sony, to his recent comeback,

Gonzalez plans on letting it out for all to hear. The singer-songwriter will be serenading the Austin crowd with

his folksy vocal melodies, and tremendous feel.

Za!, Furguson, Vetusta Morla, L.A., Bigott, Guadalupe Plata, Quique Gonzales

Latin Reggae / Electropical

Friday, March 16

th at Flamingo Cantina

For anyone who’s visited the Flamingo Cantina, the mission is clear: create an atmosphere where reggae, ska, and

world artists can freely express themselves to a music-savvy crowd. One of the big names on the bill is the

Colombian reggae group Providencia. They have an extensive history of bringing to large audiences an intimate (yet

fun) take on the genre. Latin-Grammy nominated DJ Mr. Pauer is a crowd pleaser. He plays dance hall beats with

infectious accuracy always aimed to bring out the dancer in us. Patafunk on the other hand, though still as dancey,

prefers a more laid back approach: they’re a satisfying tropical mix beverage blending funk and soul.

Providencia, Mr. Pauer, Patafunk, Sudakaya, Los Skarnales, Palenke Soultribe

Warp Magazine

Friday, March 16

th at Friends

Get ready to dance with Shout Out Out Out Out; one of the six artists playing Warp Magazine’s 2012 showcase. The

Kraftwerk acolytes add disco and funk to yield straight up hopping grooves. Whether to bob your head or move your

hips, this band will get you out on the floor. Another dance-ready group performing at the show is the electropop

outfit Dragonette. Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer make up this high-energy, high-power group.

Together, they’re taking advantage of the current media spot-light to show the world they’re more than just a

“collab” act: they’re infectious in beat, catchy in tone and full of potential. On the alt-rock side there’s the original

and likable Dirty Karma, the vintage rockers from UK The Brute Chorus, and the mesmerizing and profound group

out of Monterrey, Mexico The Volture.

Shout Out Out Out Out, Dragonette, The Brute Chorus, Dirty Karma, Francisca Valenzuela, The Volture, Rachael



Saturday, March 17

th at Bar 96

Mexican indie-rock label Intolerancia will be presenting their six-band showcase at Bar 96, March 17th. Set to play

that night are the progressive Latin rockers Turbina and the wildly entertaining solo act Juan Cirerol. Also on the list

is Panorama; the emerging independent act out of Medellin, Colombia. Their first full-length was released in the

early 2000s, and since then the band has undergone many changes. Moving away from their straight-forward rock

sound, Panorama will showcase at SX with more electronic feel with a hint of new wave goodness. All these artists

will be joined by the iconic Mexican rocker Alondo Arreola. Arreola, best known for playing in the 90’s rock band

La Barranca, is currently looking to branch out as a solo Jazz artist.

Turbina, Juan Cirerol, Sonido San Francisco, Alondo Arreola, Panorama, Planes

Sala De Espera

Saturday, March 17

th at Beale Street Tavern

Alex Anwadter and Javiera Mena are two of Chile’s biggest current acts. They play grooving house and electronic

pop respectively. Both have garnered buzz for their unique style, established sound, and engaging performances.

Vetusta Morla, a pop/rock group now a few albums into their career, recently won Best Spanish Group on MTV

Europe. And all the way from Barcelona, Spain is Muchachito Bombo Infierno; a contemporary Rumba band.

Strong guitar, solid horn section and tight percussion are all elements that elegantly come together. Their stich is

musically hop-scotching between Rock´n´Roll, Swing and Funk.

Sol Pereya, Javiera Mena, Alex Anwandter, Vetusta Morla, 3 Dudes & A Mullet, Muchachito Bombo Infierno

SXSW 2012, the world's leading music industry event, marks the 26th edition by presenting this highly

anticipated convergence of all things music. SXSW aims to educate and inspire participants by

offering numerous industry events and countless networking opportunities. The previously announced

Bruce Springsteen keynote will anchor four days of panels, interviews, workshops, peer meetings,

music gear expo, and a trade show exhibition. After a full day of events at the Austin Convention

Center, attendees take to the streets for the world-renowned music festival which showcases over 2000

acts from over 55 countries on 100 stages throughout central Austin. SXSW Music Conference and

Festival takes place in Austin, Texas from March 13 – 18, 2012. For more information on every aspect

of SXSW please go to

SXSW® 2012 is sponsored by Miller Lite, Sonicbids, Chevrolet, IFC, Pepsi, Doritos, Monster Energy,

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana brings to the stage the story of the passionate, doomed Carmen, told through the language of flamenco—exploring the universal themes of love, death, pride and sorrow that are the heart and soul of flamenco.

The name Carmen has long been associated with insatiable desire, mysterious beauty, and vengeful and fiery tempers. This timeless story, made famous to modern audiences through opera and film, is beautifully suited to interpretation through flamenco. Carmen: El Baile gives a contemporary twist on the classic story. She is no longer the cigarette girl but the symbol of artistic perfection. Our Carmen is an accomplished, self-empowered woman. Above all, she epitomizes "the dance," showing how the artistic drive—the drive to achieve perfection—can both create and destroy.

The work is conceived and directed by Rafael Lopez-Barrantes, whose 35-year career in the performing arts has taken him from stages and schools in Madrid and France, to ADF and Duke University, and now to the California Institute of the Arts Theater School.

Carmen: El Baile is choreographed by Pilar Andujar who will dance the title role. Ms. Andujar's electric yet graceful artistry has contributed to numerous Company performances. Her choreographies have twice been finalists in the Flamenco and Spanish Dance Competition in Madrid, and she is one of the most sought-after flamenco performers with major companies in Spain and abroad. Original music for guitar, voice, violin, and percussion is being composed by guitarist Calvin Hazen, a long-time Company member.

Carmen: El Baile premieres on February 14, in Anchorage, Alaska, and tours the U.S. before it opens at The Joyce Theater in New York on March 4, 2008.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Latin Dancing

Latina Danza de Arte at its best:

The above is the older form of Latina Dance or Latina Danza which was socially danced during the 1880 - 1910s before the Westernization of the Island Cuba. The dance they are dancing is the guanguanarach / guanguanacha [ diverse spellings ]; though the males are absent.

As a side line...

Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy, soon to be the first in developing a Dance Magnet City plan for dance instruction first serving, via Ithaca's Social Dance Economy Program, Ithaca, New York, then Syracuse, Elmira, Binghamton during the second stage; thirdly, Rochester, Albany, Troy, Liverpool, Corning, Buffalo, New York City, Deposit at Scotts, Kenmore, Williamsville; and finally, Washington, D.C., Toronto, and Chicago, where alumni of TFDDA is already developing an Alumni Associations of TFDDA.

If you believe that credit is due to the peoples of Cuba in developing the rich traditions within the diversities of Latina Danza de Arte, then consider joining one of the groups which will be reported on later....